Good news! Sailing has started again. They say this sport teaches you improvisation and determination, and that spirit has brought the club to life. Huge thanks to all who have pitched in. It has been far from easy this year, for obvious reasons, but we’re back on the water.

The best way to find out what’s happening is to join the WhatsApp group. Inevitably, thinks are moving around at short notice, so the WhatsApp group is invaluable this year. The planned events in the brochure have all been disrupted by events, but anyone is welcome to jump on to that group to ask about the latest plans for sailing, and for drinks.

The link to join the group was in your membership email but if you missed that, please email and/or and ask for the link.

If you haven’t been down to the club, you’ll notice some changes… For one thing, people are paddling up past the bridge rather than relying on a tow from the safety boat. This makes it easier to socially distance. And it’s very wise to sail well within your comfort zone to take the onus off the safety boat cover. We’ve had to cancel any plans for organised training days as it makes social distancing incredibly difficult, but competent sailors are back on the water. If in doubt, as for details on WhatsApp.

Another difference this year… The bar may be closed but there’s a fridge in the boat shed now. It’s proved quite popular – more popular than the honesty box for payment! If you’ve been getting stuck in, good on you! But please do remember to contribute.

Last, but certainly not least, a plan has been hatched on the WhatsApp group to sail to the White Hart this Sunday, 9 August. It’s all very last-minute, but the more the merrier! To join in, please register your boat or book to hire a club boat We’ll send the link around by email. It’s also being shared on the WhatsApp group. We can also use this information to arrange socially distanced bubbles when we get to the White Hart, where we’ll have a few drinks and head back to the club for fish and chips in the garden.

The details are bound to shift a little here and there, but your understanding is appreciated. Huge thanks to those who have made this event happen. Apologies to those who can’t make it at short notice, but this year let’s take it as a real bonus that such a trip is happening at all.

It’s another great reason to join the WhatsApp group – you’re all very welcome and it’s a brilliant way to keep up with the latest news in a year of many changing plans.

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