1. Hours of Opening
The Clubhouse shall be opening during weekends or as otherwise directed by the General Committee.

2. Club Bar Rules
a. A Bar Committee shall consist of four Members of the General Committee to be responsible for the administration of the Bar.
b. Any Member may bring one or more non-Members to the Club premises, but such a visitor may remain on the premises only while the Member introducing them is on the premises.
c. Intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises may be sold by the Club to the following persons who have obtained the age of eighteen years:
i. Members, Associate Members and Guests
ii. Members of recognised yacht Clubs and bona fide guests of such person, and in the case of owners of yachts lying in the harbour, such owners and their friends on board
iii. Helmsmen and the crew of boats competing on any open regatta day, and the bona fide guests of any such person
iv. Persons attending functions organised by the Club or by a Member of the Club with the approval of General Committee
d. Permitted hours to be fixed by the General Committee and to be within those authorised for the districte. On application to the Committee and on approval, the premises can be hired out on not more than 20 occasions to FULL Members of the Club in any one year.

3. Animals
Only Dogs, well behaved and under full control of their owner are allowed into the Club buildings, but they are restricted to the Bar and Balcony areas only.  (amended Sept 2010)
4 Visitors
Members shall have the privilege of introducing any visitors. A Member introducing visitors shall be liable for all monies due to the Club in respect of such visitors and shall enter their names and addresses in the Visitors book and sign the entry.

5. Suggestions and Complaints
A Member wishing to make any suggestions or complaints shall make such in writing and hand them to a Flag Officer.

6. Club Property
No Member shall remove from the Club any property of the Club. Neither shall any notice be laid on the tables or put up in the Club without the signature of the Secretary.

7. Reference to General Committee
Anything not provided for by these House Rules shall be referred to the General Committee, whose decision shall be final.